St. Mary’s Elementary School | Joplin MO

St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School is part of the Joplin Area Catholic School system. An education at St. Mary’s starts in the Early Childhood Program with child aged 2 in the Early Learners class followed by Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten. The elementary school goes from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Students then step up to St. Peter’s Middle School for 6-8 grade and begin high school at McAuley Catholic. Catholic education in Joplin began in 1885 – 12 years after the City of Joplin was incorporated – by the Sisters of Mercy.

On Fridays, during the school year, the students at St. Mary’s take turns leading the 8:30 AM Mass. Students have the opportunity to sing and to speak with readings, petitions and more during the service.

St. Mary's Catholic Church & School | Joplin MO
St. Mary's Catholic Church & School | Joplin MO

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